Friday, April 27, 2012

NECO Time Table For June /July 2012

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Below is the official timetable for Neco Candidates.

1st-9th june-food and nutrition 3hrs no specific date yet

12th june-physics practical 10-12.45pm

13th june-chemistry practical 10-12.45pm

14th june-biology practical 10-12pm

15th june-agric practical 10-11.30pm

18 june general math 10-11.45pm then 12-2.30pm

19th june chemistry obj and essay 10-1pm

20th june physics obj and essay 10-1pm

20th june goverment obj 2-3pm | essay 3-4.40pm

21th june english essay,obj,test of orals -10-11.45pm,12-1pm,2-2.45pm

22nd geograpy 10-12.30pm

25th june financial account obj-10-11.20pm,theory-11.30-2pm

25th june lit in eng drama & poetry-3-4.4pm

26th june geography 10-12pm,further math obj 1-3pm,further math essay 3'30-6pm

27th june biology obj and essay10-12.30pm

28th economics obj and essay 10-1pm

29th june CRK obj and essay 10-12.30pm,food and nutrition obj and essay 3-5.30pm

2nd july agric obj and essay 10-12.30pm

3rd july commerce obj and essay 10-12.40pm,irkobj and essay 2-4.30pm

4th july lit in eng obj and prose10-12.15

5th july youruba obj and essay 10-1pm

6th july history obj and essay 3-6pm

9th july practical TD 10-1PM 11th july TD obj and essay 3.30-6pm

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