Friday, April 27, 2012

Browse on your PC with BlackBerry using your BIS Subscription

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Below are the simple Steps to follow 

1. After receiving the subscription confirmation, connect your Sim to your system using what ever means either using your modem or Nokia pc suite.

 2. Create a new connection profile using the following details:

    USERNAME: web
    PASSWORD: web

 3. Connect the network

    4. Download the latest freegate from
OR download Ultrasurrf then you unzip it after downloading.
 5. Launch any of the two software (don’t worry, it will connect automatically)
When any of the software is active, it will show on it that ‘Connected to server’ when you see this, you’re 90% done already.

    6. Configure your browser manually with below Settings
    HTTP Proxy:
     Port: 8580 or 9666
    That's all you need to do...!!
Note: Your BB Subscription will still be intact!!!

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