Friday, November 18, 2011

Study Free In Sweden,Finland,Norway:Free Tuition For Undergraduates and Postgraduates

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While going through the pages of one of the local Newspapers here in Nigeria, I saw an advert about studying free in Sweden. I asked myself if this could ever be real and without wasting much time, I hooked to the internet and used my researching tricks to search for info about this. After much clicks I stumbled upon a lot of info which I have decided to share with you,for you to know that IT IS FOR REAL.

For many people who wants to enroll in colleges or universities to further their education, you will agree with me that tuition can be a make or break factor in the final decision. What if there are colleges where you do not have to pay any tuition fee? Well, there are many schools around the world that do just that.

You do not have to pay any tuition to attend tuition-Free schools, though there are still some expenses involved, such as room & board, books, etc. This can be covered in most cases, as many tuition free schools allow students to work while in school.

A lot of tuition free schools are in Europe, where this educational scheme has a long and successful history. As at the time of writing this article, there are many schools in Sweden, Norway, Finland that offer free tuition for undergraduate courses as well as for Masters and Doctorate degrees.
As at the time of writing this article, online registration for Masters Program in Sweden opens around first week of December and closes around second week of January, every year. Your documents must arrive no later than first week of February, Selection results/Notification of admission: Early May and semester starts August or September. You can always get the latest dates from the websites that you will find later in this article. Just relax and read on...

For Nigerians, I learnt that you can use your WAEC/NECO result to apply for undergraduate programs. In this case, it is better to send your scratch card so they can check the results by themselves for verification. For Masters degree, the university where you finished your first degree will have to send your transcripts to the schools you apply to.

In Nigeria right now, there are lots of seminars, adverts here and there by people who do claim to be agents/consultants. Most will promise heaven in getting your hard earned money, all in the name of helping you seek admission into Sweden.PLEASE, BE WISE AND DON'T FALL FOR SCAM EASILY. You can make enquiries by yourself on the websites shared below. Forums like Nairaland are also there to help you out with your enquiries.
If you want to start registration right now for Sweden free tuition schools visit,
For Finland, visit
For Norway, visit
For full info about studying in Sweden, visit contains some free ebooks on studying in Sweden. You can download those manuals free of charge.
When you get to the sites above, they might not be in English. Just look at the top of the page or somewhere, you should see a link that will take you to the English version of the website
If you want to see what some Nigerians have been saying about this topic on Nairaland, you can visit . At some peeps shared their experience and also how you go about the registration ( with pictures).


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