Friday, November 18, 2011

Globacom BIS for N1400 per month : How to Subscribe (Black Berry)

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Globacom Nigeria has launched the "BlackBerry Complete" plan. This Blackberry bundle service is the cheapest in Nigeria, as at the time of publishing this post. You can not only stay connected to your social circle but also get 1 integrated e-mail address with app world and internet browsing.


If you are an existing Glo subscriber and having BB Smartphone handset , please Text ‘CoMonth’ to 777 to subscribe Complete Monthly plan OR text ‘CoWeek’ to777 OR Text ‘CoDay’ to 777 and enjoy 24 hour pack for just N100
Package Keyword Service Rental Validity Data bundle*
Complete Month CoMonth N1,400 30 days UNLIMITED
Complete Week CoWeek N400 7 days UNLIMITED
Complete Day CoDay N100 24hrs UNLIMITED
*Fair Usage Applies
Description of the Complete Plan

BBM + BBMail + BB-Built Social Networking & IM Apps + Internet Browsing + App World + Option for 1 integrated email address
I hope other networks will react to this...
When subscribing to Globacom BIS for the first time, you might have to exercise patience for your SIM card to be provisioned before you can start enjoying your BIS. This might take up to 24hours atimes but be aware of the fact that your subscription will ONLY start reading by the time you get connected.

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