Saturday, May 4, 2013

JAMB RESULT: No Biometric Verification : Causes and Solution

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Are you one of the 2013 JAMB candidates who see No Biometric Verification JAMB result Error instead of your JAMB result? This may be why you are a victim of No Biometric Verification JAMB result Error.
No Biometric Verification JAMB result Error might be cause by any one of the following;

Due to problem of internet connection or network strength, many JAMB exam centres where not able to conduct biometric data verification to all candidates that sat for their JAMB exam there.

It means you were not authenticated and verified for the JAMB exam as the candidate you claimed to be. Though some invigilators promise to notify JAMB about the issues but how knows if many did.

In some situation, this might be cause by the candidate or JAMB officials. But if the JAMB official in charge of your centre did not file any report about it, I am not sure if your JAMB result will be released. It might sound harsh but it is the reality.

Note that JAMB uses programmed machine to mark and compile JAMB result and the machine will also check for Biometric Verification data in answer script and may reject results without Biometric Verification data.
Visit the nearest JAMB office and lay your complaint, also know that many people are facing the same problem that you are facing, JAMB will bring out a possible solution to that
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