Sunday, January 13, 2013

The University Runz Girl -By Victor Ikeji

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The University Runz Girl- A sneak peek into her life
The average university girl who is into 'runz' is known as a runz gal. A word which I think is just subliminal for prostitution. But I dare you to call one (runz gal) a prostitute, not only would she call you names but your hard working mother at home would get some of her insults. But you would agree with me that any girl who spreads her legs for money is an 'Asewo' or 'Akwuna' as the Yoruba and Igbo people call it not minding the term used in covering up that evil practice. This journey (runz) which ends up haunting the girl involved all
through her life even in marriage is usually embarked upon by a girl who wants to 'belong', a girl who wants to be seen as a 'bigz galz' or a gal who is from a poor background and wants to supplement her income as a good number of them would claim. Some others attribute their becoming a 'runz gal' to peer pressure. Bt either way, I see the sole reason for becoming a runz gal as greed and nothing more. The typical University runz gal always appear stylish and in vogue and in some cases drives a posh car, all thanks to her father's age mates which she has as clients. She is often not in class or out of school entirely as she needs to ply her trade far from where she would be noticed. Her attendances and assignments are often taken care of by the class representative, Head of Class or a trusted friend whom she is always in contact with and in some cases pays both in cash and kind as a result of covering up for her. She normally doesn't relate with everyone but a select few who are either into the same business as her or are still learning the trade. She sometimes keeps a 'school boyfriend' that everyone knows of, just as a decoy so that people won't suspect her. She likes her privacy which is why she doesn't stay in the hostel but would rather rent an off campus residence. When asked the reasons for her constant travels, she is quick to provide replies such as: To visit her sister or cousin in another school, to attend a friend's wedding or that she has a business which she takes care of in another state and other well structured lies. Most of these girls excel in academics regardless of whether they attend classes, write assignments, examinations or not as they have amassed enough money to pay their way through i.e where money is needed and are quick to spread their legs for anyone standing on their way to academic success if that is what is required. The problems she encounters during and after this her supposed 'entrepreneurship' are not just one but a litany of them which includes: STD's because most clients like it 'raw', womb destruction due to incessant abortions, problems in marriage because she is hardly satisfied by one man and death because most of the times she is the perfect bait for ritual killers. Having read and understood this message, I wonder why an undergraduate who should concentrate on passing her exams would still decide to boost an Ego which would be deflated in no time
. This article was written by victor ikeji, follow him on twitter @ slimwhyte

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