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My Advice to UNN Freshers on their Matriculation

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Yeah, first of all i want to say HAPPY MATRICULATION to all the freshers doing their matriculation today, to be frank with you its not easy to get admission in the University of Nigeria. Out of the 75,000 candidates that applied for UNN in JAMB, about 30,000 qualified for the POST UME and God singled you out to be among them. Out of the many people that wrote the POST UME ,God gave you admission into the
University of Nigeria. Even after giving you the admission, GOd gave you guidance and protection up till this time. I know someone that got admission into UNN like you , but will not be celebrating like you now because he is in the grave, he died a week after he got admission into UNN. So you have to THANK GOD for making you a LION or a LIONESS. To be frank with you, Its many peoples dream to be a student of UNN. Even universities in NIgeria that are better than UNN still respects UNN. Have you ever wondered why people take you special when you tell them that you are in UNN , i.e outside UNN oh.I intended publishing this and posting it in hostels but NO TIME ., i will still try my best shaa

NOw let me tell you what you need to know. The den is a place where there are many intellects from various parts of the world, if you are not humble, you might loose many things in the course of your study. I hope the advices below can help:
1. Choose your friends wisely. YOur friends can determine whether your stay in UNN can be fruitful or not. Chose friends that will help you achieve your dreams, move away from anyfriend that dont help you achieve your dreams.

2. The university is not like secondary school where they ring the bell just to make an announcement, learn to read the notice board, read every notice board you see, it keeps you informed, you might ignore the notice board and will not know that what you are running about for is on the notice board.
3. Take your lectures serious, dont joke with past questions, it helps alot and be careful to see whether the past question you have is original or fake.

4. You need God in nyour studies, you cant make it on your own, join one campus fellowship that will help you to improve your spiritual life. You should know the one that you know that will help your life. But i must tell you here that even as you are fellowshiping dont forget that your primary aim in the den is to pass with good grades.

5. YOu can be financially independent on campus if your parents dont have money, HOW?, you have to be scholarship conscious, because thats the easiest way to get money as an undergraduate especially if you are a science student, but the problem now is How do you know when these scholarships are on, CLICK HERE to know how

6. You dont need only the course you are studying to be a great lion or lioness, try to learn something new apart from your course of study because you need to be vast. Attend seminars and workshop trainings, you learn alot there. THough proud people will think they know it all, it requires humility to sit under a fellow lion or lioness to learn something.

7. Anything you dont know , ask people that know, if you are proud , you wont learn from others, be free to ask your friends, classmates , teachers.

8. What i realized in UNN, is that if you know, learn to be humble to learn more because if you shout around and be claiming that you know too much you will see people that knows more that you 10 times, that school is full of many talents which the school have not even finished discovering, how i wish they can do talent hunt you will see the kind of talents these students have. Many UNN students are winning competitions outside the school which soem people dont know, for instance one lioness known as olivia won in NOkia danfo game competition and won N100,000. she also won Samsung galazy pro last week from GLO Nigeria fastest finger competition.

9. Never underrate anyone you meet in the den, because that place have great men and women that will impact this country, the person you meet today might help you in one way or the other tomorrow, Taking people as if they are not people of your class can not help you.

10. Avoid cohabiting with the opposite sex, it can never help your life

11, the last but not the least, The lions den is one of the places that you will see high population of people in your life, make use of that opportunity and do enough networking, know people, make friends, cos you wont see some of them again after your studies and can help you later in life. Most people with the top positions in government are UNN alumni's, for instance the governor of Enugu state and his deputy governor are all products of UNN, you can go to wikipedia and see the list of others.
THANKS FOR LISTENING, once again, happy marticulation
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