Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Reasons Why Fidelity Bank is the Best for Students

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Yes, am not trying to advertise for fidelity bank . I use fidelity bank and i have reasons why i said its the best for students. I opened an account in Fidelity Bank. This account is called flex account which is made for students. I am in Nsukka and i am really enjoying the fidelity bank here.With N1000, i opened an account and the N1000 was not taken from my account and was given FREE ATM and FREE cot charge, Thy dont charge me for SMS, and i can withdraw all my money at a go. I have been using it for a year now and i enjoy it especially in terms of savings.The account can also be useful for students that are into online
transactions, internet banking etc.The reasons why i said that fidelity flex account is the best for students are explained below:
Fidelity FLEX
A hybrid savings account with the FLEXibility of a checking account, designed for students in tertiary institutions of learning and Youth Corpers, who are seeking reliable and convenient banking services
  • Minimum opening balance is N1,000
  • Free access to internet banking services
  • Allows third party withdrawals
  • High interest rates
  • Free upgrade to Fidelity Premium Savings Account (FPSS)
  • Free ATM cards and customized cheque books
  • Allows lodgment of cheques and dividend warrants.
    • You can also CLICK HERE to go to their website to confirm what am saying

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