Friday, September 28, 2012

UNN 2012/2013 Application For Change of Degree Programme

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Wow. Change of Course/ Degree Programme at the University of Nigeria runs from 2nd october to 16th October 2012. Read down for the details and guidelines


1.    Application for Change of Degree Programme should be received at the end of each session. The processing of the application should be completed not later than one month from the beginning of the new session.

2.    Students who wish to change their degree programme should adhere to the Application procedure as indicated below.

Application for change of Degree Programme should be completed within 2 weeks from the beginning of the session.

3.    The Admissions Office will confirm the students’ eligibility for the new departments and process the applications of the students listed in the payment schedule.

4.    Movement of Application forms from the Admissions Office to the Faculties and back should be done in batches. Students should not be involved in the movement of the forms.

5.    At the end of the stipulated period, only those who have completed the process will be registered in their new departments. There will be no carryover of the process to another session.

6.     For a student to change from one department to another, he/she must make the minimum GPA of 1. 00. Each department will determine the minimum cut off GPA for accepting students into the department, through Change of Degree Programme

7.     No other forms of payment should be made or collected for Change of Degree Programme, except that indicated in the Application procedure.


1.    Visit the University of Nigeria website ( or, log in your Registration Number to generate and download a unique Payment Invoice for Application Processing Fee. Take the invoice to any branch of First Bank, Diamond Bank or any other bank on the e-tranzact platform to pay Five thousand naira (N5,000) processing fee. Ensure that the Invoice Number is keyed in appropriately at the bank and obtain a Confirmation Slip containing a Confirmation Number and your Invoice Number.

2.    Visit the University of Nigeria website or portal ( or again and login your Registration number, the Confirmation and Invoice numbers, and then complete the Change of Degree Form online.

3.    Application for Change of Degree Prograame takes effect from Tuesday, October 02, 2012 while Application Form should be submitted to the Admissions Office not later than Tuesday, October 16, 2012.

4.    Candidates should note that any form which is not completed on-line will not be processed and that any extraneous payments will nullify the application.



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