Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A must Read For Ladies: The Definition of a Lady

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Every girl wants to be addressed as a lady. The truth is this: not all grown ups are ladies.
¤A lady does not flash/beep a man to call him back.
¤A lady does not depend completely on a man for survival she does it herself sometimes.
¤A lady does not act or pretend because she must be accepted by a guy.
¤A lady says whatever is in her mind all times.
¤A lady dresses up to bring out her ferminine side by wearing the right thing for her body type while being careful not to expose what should be properly covered because she knows its more appreciated when hidden.
¤A lady bares it all for her man inside, but hides it from every other man outside.
¤A lady understands and values time with her maker and God. She knoes she is nothing without him
¤A lady does not consume bottles of beer. She knows its unladylike.
¤A lady does not smoke. Its for riffraffs.
¤A lady understands signs of time.
¤A lady knows everything about Government and politics not just fashion and beauty.
¤A lady does not keep boyfriends, she nurtures a relationship.
¤A lady understands that one of the way to a mans heart is his belly and she feeds him with the right things.
¤A lady understands that her very long nails is an evidence that there are some things she cannot do in and for the home.
¤A lady,not a girl is a friend to her man.
¤Above all a lady should be very neat..
Ask urself and be sincere. Are u a lady?

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