Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Cosmic Ray Text is a Rumor: Click Here For More Explanation

On Wednesday  15th of August,2012 A message about cosmic rays bbc news has been circulating around the web and through sms text message.i also received an sms saying "to night between 12:30 and 3:30am, cosmic rays entered into the earth from mars, so switch off your mobile phones at night, put them yards away and please send to people you love because the effect is devastating.BBC NEWS.This same news was also circulated on the 1st of April being an April fool day, causing panic.

Courtesy of MTN 's free SMS. People no longer know what to do with them; rather they begin to propagate BS. I'm also getting this gist about a Sanitary Pad that makes femmes bleed when they put it on. Rumour mongers!
This message has been circulating since 2008 and it suddenly reappeared today, 15 August 2012. I also received text messages containing this false information and saw similar Facebook posts.
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Cosmic Ray Explained
Cosmic rays are energetic charged subatomic particles, originating in outer space. They may produce secondary particles that penetrate the Earth's atmosphere and surface.
Cosmic rays come from astrophysical sources in outer space. They do not come from planets.
Reasons why the Text is Fake
First, Mars could not emit harmful radiation because it is not a star. Cosmic rays are emitted by stars. i.e bodies that are undergoing nuclear reactions that is fusion (as occurs in our sun) or fission (as occurs in nuclear reactors). Mars is neither. It is a planet that just reflects sunlight. It cannot emit cosmic radiation.

Next, with regards to these rays the earth’s atmosphere is capable of taking care of them so no need to worry. The magnetosphere absorbs and protects us from the sun’s harmful radiation. Whatever remains is too feeble to affect any thing as far as earth.

The Earth’s magnetosphere prevents most of the particles from the Sun, carried in the solar wind, from hitting the Earth. Image credit:

Another thing is that we are actually hit by cosmic rays every day — all day (and night too). If it was going to hurt your cell, then it would have already fried it by now.

Sometimes magnetic storms on the sun will fry the electronics of satellites in orbit, and may also blow out the power grid in high latitudes near the Earth’s magnetic poles, but other than static, I don’t see what it might do to your cell phones.


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