Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Obama Declares Nigeria As The World’s Next-Economic Giant

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President Obama In his recent statement he says that the west African country will be the

1.world's next economic success story, stressing that the discovery was one of the major reasons why his government is committed to helping the country build strong democratic institutions and as well remove constraints to trade and investment through the African Growth and Opportunity.

2.furthermore he that that his country invests in Nigeria's success because it recognizes Nigeria-s as a strategic center of gravity, stressing that the country's success will as well be Africa's success if the US can help Nigeria chart a secured, prosperous, and democratic course.

3.He also continued that the US government will also work to strengthen Nigeria's agricultural sector, which employs nearly 70 percent of the country's population, by encouraging improvements to infrastructure that would facilitate agricultural growth.

4.He also said that his government will help Nigeria to Liberalize trade policies to foster regional trade, reform the customs system to bring it in line with global best practices, and as well encourage policy reforms to enable private investment in agriculture.


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