Tuesday, August 14, 2012

IDB Prizes for Science and Technology 2012

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Applications are invited from public and private national, regional and international academic academic or research or development institutions in Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Member Countries. Applicants can fill in an electronic version of the application form on the IDB website www.isdb.org, following the posted guidelines and sending the completed application to the e mail address: STPrize1434@isdb.org. All
information must be typed in font size 12. Hand-filled applications forms will not be accepted. The completed forms, along with any attachments, should be received by t6he IDB Science and Technology and Technical Cooperation Division or at one of the IDB Regional Offices no later than 29 Dhul-Qa’dah 1433 (15 October 2012). Applications that are not selected will remain eligible for one more year after the
application year. Prizes are awarded annually to institutions (only) in the 56 IDB Member Countries in the following three categories:
Category 1: Outstanding scientific or technological contribution to the socio-economic
development of a member country.
Category 2: Outstanding contribution to any of the scientific disciplines of engineering,
agriculture, medicine, biotechnology, information technology, optronics, material
sciences, pharmaceuticals, industrial microelectronics, nanotechnology and alternative
energy sources.
Category 3: Noted scientific research institutions in IDB least developed member
countries (LDMCs).
Winners in each category receive a cash reward of 100, 000 USD along with a trophy and
a certificate.
Source: NUC

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