Sunday, July 29, 2012

MTN SMS About N750 Recharge Card Is A Scam Beware

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There is this scam alert being sent to MTN numbers now,infact I have up to 10 already,it reads thus:

Hon.Dr Leonard Nwagu,
MTN national protocol is celebrating his birthday today .Send this message to 15 people and get N750 recharge card.sms is free.

Once again it is scam,don't waste ur credit cos u won't get anything.
Please share this with your friends on facebook to avoid wasting of credit. The fact that MTN give free SMS on weekends does not man that we should abuse it.
Even the SMS that they send telling you that you should send to 10 or 13 persons. Its just a way of promoting a particular message. Last week they said it was Fashola raising ACN Flag. For Me, I dont respond to such messages

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