Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Google Apps Developer Challenge; innovative developers to win $20,000

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Google recently announced the launch of the Google Apps Developer Challenge, a challenge aimed at providing developers the world over the opportunity to find new and innovative ways to use the Google Apps and Drive APIs to build cool apps. The APIs are available to a large community of developers who code in a variety of languages that include Java, PHP, Python, and .Net.

Google will be working in collaboration with its Google developers group  (also known as GTUGs) and Google Business Groups to organize events and prepare for the challenge.
Innovative developers who create applications using the google apps and drive APIs would be eligible to win a prize of $20,000 dollars. Google will also be encouraging women in technology and has a $1,000 prize for all-student or all-female teams that make the second round.
The first round of submissions will start on the 24th of August 2012. The categories are

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