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Apply for In’Genius Youth Competition – Win N2,500,000

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Are you a young Nigerian graduate or undergraduate between the age of 18 and 35? Do You Have an Innovative Idea that can advance the cause of Nigeria? The In’Genius Youth Competition offers you a life time opportunity to contest and stand a chance to win N750, 000, N1, 500,000 or a Grand Prize of N 2,500,000

In’Genius project is a movement that provides opportunities for ingenious individuals to present their solutions to problems in developing countries and receive funding for its execution. In’Genius project competition is accepting applications from innovative Nigerian youths around the world to participate in the In’Genius Youth Competition.
The In’Genius Youth Competition
The first edition of In’Genius project competition (Version 1.0), structured for undergraduates, is centered on problem solving ideas and will be hosted in the Moshood Abiola University of Lagos (formally UNILAG) for July 2012. Young idea generators will express themselves intellectually while identifying the problems and solutions. It focuses on six basic problems that cripple the Nigerian economy; Poor Electric Power Supply, Poor Transportation, Expensive ICT, Poor Agricultural mechanization, Poor Tax management systems and Low Tourism Attractions.
Idea Selection Criteria for In’Genius Youth Competition:

Competitions are to provide relevant and innovative ways for;
Alternative Power Supply
Alternative Transportation viable in Nigeria
Affordable communication systems: Hardware or Software
Inexpensive mechanization systems for agriculture
Technological systems for effective tax management in Nigeria: Hardware and Software
Relevant designs for tourism attractions (Monuments and virtual systems) in Nigeria.

9th-11th July, 2012
Prizes to be Won
The prizes for the 1st edition of In’Genius project competition are as follows
2nd Runner Up
The second runner up will win a cash prize of seven hundred and fifty thousand naira (N750,000).
1st Runner Up
The first runner up will win a cash prize of one million five hundred thousand naira (N1,500,000)
The Best Idea
The best idea will go home with a cash prize of two million five hundred thousand naira (N2,500,000)
Other Benefits
The top ten (10) finalists will be invited to attend a dinner with top government functionaries, captains of industries, and company representatives. The top twenty (20) ideas will be published in the In’Genius Magazine to be unveiled at the dinner.
Entry Requirements for In’Genius Youth Competition:

Competitors are required to enter as groups; minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 members in each group, with an (optional) supervisor (A doctor in the group’s discipline).
How to Enter In’Genius Youth Competition:

To enter for the youth competition, send an email to;
The group’s microsoft power point or PDF presentation
Scanned copies of identification for all group members
A microsoft word document containing the biodata of all group members
Any other form of identification would be an added advantage
Submission Notification for In’Genius Youth Competition:

The group head will receive a letter confirming their entry once all requirements have been verified.
Submission Deadline for In’Genius Youth Competition:

Entry for the competition closes on June 20th, 2012.
Competition Procedure for In’Genius Youth Competition:

Round 1
All groups will be required to submit a twenty (20) paged (at most) power-point presentation of their ideas via the portal allotted on the website for that purpose. Submission of ideas and judging will last for about one month.
Presentations will be judged based on Clarity of Presentation, Ingenuity, Relevance of the Idea, and Practical application in present day Nigeria.
Presentations must follow the following sequence; Title Page, Content Page, Statement of Problem, Innovative Solution (Idea), Application of Solution in Nigeria, Procedure for producing (manufacturing) the Solution, and Limitations of Solution. Presentations should be limited to 500 words, Andalus font-type and justified page alignment (Images of prototype would be an added advantage)
Round 2
At the end of one month, twenty (20) groups that qualify for the semi-finals will be contacted and requested to upload a video presentation of their ideas showing (at least) a miniature prototype of the idea.
Uploaded videos will be judged based on quality of video, clarity of presentation, quality of prototype, output of prototype, ingenuity and relevance of idea, and teamwork.
Video presentations should be at most 15 minutes long and in H.264/MPEG 4, HD and flv formats. For purposes of idea protection, all submitted videos will be copyrighted by In’Genius® Management team before being released for public viewing and voting.
Round 3
Two weeks before the day slated for the finals, voting portals will be opened online for audience and students in competing schools to vote for their representatives.
Voting will close at 12 midnight on the eve of the finals.
All competitors will be brought in from their respective schools for a proper presentation in front of a large crowd, where the judges will (in conjunction with voting audience) decide the top three winning ideas.
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