Sunday, June 17, 2012

An Advice to All UNN POST UME Candidates Before You Enter The Exam Hall

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Firstly, I want to welcome you into the lions den. It’s really a place to be as you can see what the so called UNN you have been hearing about looks like. That is by the way.
As you write your exams, I want to give you reasons why many people don’t see their result after the post UME examination, which are as follows:

  1. When you enter the hall, don’t rush; just commit your paper into the hands of God because God is the only giver of success.
  2. When you are given your OMR sheet, make sure you shade your JAMB Reg number, Form number (It is written on your POST UME slip) and your name.
  3. Take time to do the No.2 above because that is the main reason why many people don’t see their result after the POST UME.
  4. Don’t forget that it is computer that marks your POST UME, so any little mistake in your shading, it will skip it and if you don’t see your result after the POST UME, it will take the grace of God for you to get admission that year ( Am talking from experience here).
  5. Even when you finish before others, don’t rush to anywhere. The fastest runner is not always the winner. Take time to revise what you have written.
  6. Don’t think of asking anybody any question when the exam is going on because if you are unlucky to meet akpor invigilators in that area , bid your admission this year bye bye because they don’t know what “ABEG” is
  7. Dont forget that your exams is 60 questions for 60 minutes which comprises of 15 questions  for each of the subject  that you wrote in your JAMB so plan your self very well and answer the simpler ones first so that you can save time to answer the hard ones later.
  8. After the exams just commit your written examination into the hands of God. Do your best and leave the rest for God.
  9. Lastly, Go to your venue on time, try and locate your venue before the exam date, UNN is like chameleon. Their time factor and pattern last year might not be the same this year.
I wish you success in your exams and wish you safe journey to your respective homes
If you have any issues concerning your POST UME registration, printing of JAMB slip and POST UME slip, including those that have not registered, call us on 07061020282 OR check us at Room 434 Mbanefo .
For more information about result and cut off mark after the POST UME, you can add us on 2go with “chimexvinlex” or visit any of our website below:

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