Wednesday, May 23, 2012

JAMB Invites EFCC to Help Stop Examination Malpractises

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The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB, is on the long queue of organisations waiting for the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, to help them do their work. JAMB wants EFCC to assist it in stopping examination malpractices.

Professor Dibu Ojerinde, JAMB’s Registrar, on a visit to the agency sought its help. It is doubtful if Professor Ojerinde remembers what the EFCC does. If his visit was in search of solutions to examination malpractices, the challenge could have overwhelmed him to the point that he was seeking solutions everywhere, excluding the police.

He is not the only one. Everyone invites EFCC to solve all criminal puzzles. These requests do not consider the mandate of EFCC, its limited resources and more limited success in discharging its primary mandate of fighting financial crimes.

The banks keep perfecting their under-hand businesses. Government allocations are stolen with the thieves confident they would face no harm. Financial transactions are stymied in breaches, some of which are mysteries to EFCC because of the sophistication of criminals.

Where will EFCC have the time to add examination malpractices to its brief?

How many operatives does the EFCC have to dedicate some to JAMB, possibly posting them to hundreds of examination centres nationwide? Did Professor Ojerinde want to be seen to be “on top of the problem” or was he interested in solutions?

EFCC is gradually becoming a reason for not getting anything done. When organisations are not ready to re-assess their internal processes to ensure they support their work, they run to EFCC, aware the agency has so much to do, that their case would not get immediate attention.

Pension scams, electoral frauds, bribe-seeking legislators, are among cases EFCC noses into with engaging eagerness that whittles as its resources dwindle or another major headline breaks. Where will EFCC fit JAMB in its busy schedule?

JAMB is in the best position to commission security experts, vast in examination organisation, to guide its operations. Without the collaboration of JAMB invigilators and its officials, malpractices would not be possible. It does not need EFCC to do this.

Except for the current practice of organisations announcing every intention, a JAMB visit to EFCC to seek possible collaboration should not be a matter for publicity as it gives opportunity to criminals to be ahead of JAMB.

On its part, EFCC should have the modesty to admit it cannot do everything. It appears consumed by its over-promoted importance that it has no qualms delving into cases including marital dispute as long as anyone can hint at a possible link to a financial transaction and there are headlines to make.
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