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Ghana National Scholarships 2012

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Ghana is giving scholarship to all fields of study for Ghananians. The Scholarship is for Undergraduates and Post Graduates The Scholarship Providers In Ghana are Govt funds, GETFund,
The Functions of the Scholarships Secretariat include the following:

a. Administration of various Government scholarships tenable in Ghana and overseas, namely,
i. Ghana Government scholarships tenable in local universities and other tertiary institutions and second cycle institutions (including Northern extraction     scholarship scheme).
ii. Ghana Government scholarships tenable overseas.
iii. Awards offered to Ghana by Commonwealth countries under the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP).
iv. Ghana  Government awards to students from other commonwealth countries under the CSFP.
v. Scholarships offered to Ghana by Foreign Government and other international organizations.
vi. Ghana Government awards to citizens of other African states tenable in institutions in Ghana.

b. Compilation and maintenance of records of candidates awarded scholarships
c. Providing financial assistance for private students abroad who are in hardship and distressed economic circumstances.  The relevance of  courses as being critical for national development and the prospect of scholars returning to Ghana to serve upon completion, are taken into account.  Support is mostly in the form of one-time cash payment and is subject to availability of funds.
d. Counseling of private students wishing to study overseas and assisting them to procure visas by issuing them with letters of introduction.
e. Ensuring through the respective Ghana Missions abroad, the welfare of all sponsored students through the transfer of funds for their upkeep.
f.  Arranging reception for all returning sponsored students and also assisting in the clearance of their personal effects.
g. Monitoring to ensure that scholarship fund paid beneficiaries are properly utilized.

The Scholarships Secretariat administers five (5) types of scholarships for local Public Universities and Polytechnics.
The awards include:
  • Thesis grant for postgraduate students
  • Bursary grant for postgraduate students
  • Long course allowance for medical students
  • Disability allowance for physically challenged
  • Hardship allowance for needy students

This is a grant paid once postgraduate students of Public Universities. Allowances are graduated according to programme or course offered.


  • Be a Ghanaian Citizen
  • Be a registered  regular full time postgraduate student of a local Public University
  • Sandwich  and distance learning students are not eligible to apply
  • Fee paying students are not eligible to apply
  • Students on sponsorship as well  as those on study leave with pay are not eligible to apply
A. Universities concerned request for application forms each academic year from the Scholarships Secretariat.
B. Admission to Schools outside the 3 Northern Regions.
C. Parent/Guardians apply by completing application forms designed specifically for that by Scholarships Secretariat
D. Forms should be endorsed by school Heads and District Chief Executives of their District of origin before submission to the Secretariat for processing.
  • Payment by Government of the approved feeding fee
  • Payment of final examination fees for examinations conducted by the WAEC and Technical Examinations Unit of the GES.
DURATION:  The duration of this award is variable as it is dependent on when the award is given. It is transferable to another approved public school with the award holder.
Intended to provide financial support to brilliant but needy students who hail from regions outside the three northern regions and whose parents/guardians  are financially handicapped.
Open to all students in approved public schools whose parents are financial distressed.
  • Parents/Guardians collect forms from the Scholarships Secretariat for completion.
  • Forms should be Endorsement by school Heads and DCEs.
  • Payment of feeding fee of students admitted into approved public schools as boarders.
  • Award is transferable with the holder to another approved public boarding school.

DURATION: The duration of this award is variable as it is dependent on when the award is given.
Scheme is for brilliant students in approved public boarding schools recommended by school heads based on their performance at an end of term examination conducted by the school.
  • The number of awards for each school is dependent on the number of approved programmes and the number of  streams per programme .
  • The best two students in a stream from each programme are selected for the award.

ELIGIBILITY:  Brilliant students

  • The package for this award is the payment of approved feeding fee.
  • The award is not transferable to another school as it belongs to the school.

The duration of this award is variable as it is dependent on when the award is given.
A special merit award given by His Excellency, the President, annually to the best twenty students admitted to senior high school
It is based on their performance at the Basic Education Certificate Examination. Each region has two awards, one for best male and one for best female student

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