Friday, April 13, 2012

Reasons Why Girls Are Indecently Dressed

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Wow! So you really want to know why Girls dress indecently. O.K  lets go...

Upbringing: This mostly is caused by the way the child is raised and what she is exposed to at an early age.  As we know, the biggest influence on kids is television.  Most parents don’t bother to control what their kids are watching and learning. For instance, some music videos are not appropriate for children because it has become a nude affair, and since it is played in the minds of these kids, they begin to think it is normal and acceptable especially when no adult is preventing them from watching and telling them it is not right.

Parents and older siblings also have to be careful with their own dressing because kids tend to emulate the older ones.  Another thing that worries me is the fact that some mothers are actually the ones who buy these clothes for their young daughters. They are the ones that even tell them the names like, daisy dukes, tank tops, halters, strapless, British cores, hipster, low waist jeans that shows the crack of the butt, balloon micro and a host of others.
Exposure: A lot of parents pride themselves on the fact that they can afford the best things in life for their kids, which is very good.  But they have to be careful what they expose their kids to at an early age.  For instance, some parents need to realise that at a certain age there are some places that their young daughters should not go, and there are some friends they cannot be extremely close to. This might sound harsh but trust me, the saying, “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”, is very strong.
Peer Pressure: This is the most common one because young girls who are not properly grounded at home can be very gullible.  They want to belong, they don’t want to be laughed at or ignored; so once they see other girls doing it, getting away with it and attracting the opposite sex, they believe it’s the way forward. I have seen young girls who would rather starve, or not pay for exams or even medicals, than miss out on the newest skimpy skirt or cleavage showing tops, just to feel accepted by others who are neck deep in it. If a young girl does not follow this trend, they are called “old fashioned”, “old school”, “mama Africa”, “sister mary”, “ITK”, “booky” and so on.  No young girl wants her peers to call her that, so automatically they would conform.
Psychological: There are various psychological reasons that push young girls into this mode. A lot of young girls cannot handle pressure. It breaks them down. Most of them have parents that are not their friends and therefore cannot share their thoughts and concerns. You find that most of them either bottle these things up and then explode one day and do the extreme; or they avoid the psychological trauma by following others so they are not different.
Some young girls have gone through a lot at a tender age which has really disturbed them psychologically.  Some have low self esteem, some feel they are not appreciated because they are not as pretty as their sisters or friends; others feel because their parents insult them with words like, “you good for nothing girl”, “you are useless in this house.” etc.  The think the only thing they are good for is using their bodies to attract men to make money so they can be useful.  Some actually have said that they wear crazy and revealing clothes to make up for other areas of their bodies that are not so nice e.g. face.
You would be surprised that when you listen to most of these young girls talk about reasons behind what they do; instead of judging or insulting them you would be compelled to help them because most of them are misguided and some have been physically and mentally abused. So this for them is their way of rebelling and punishing their folks.
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