Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jokes: Collection of " God is Watching You"

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=> You and your frnd are on seperate bikes n ur status reads convoy tins.....#God is watching u#

=> Your mum sells palm oil, your dad refills gas. You keep telling people your parents work in OIL & GAS company......#God is watching u#

=> You sit at ur backyard taking cool breeze because there's no electricity and u update: "Ocean View tins on Point" as ur status on FB #God iswatching u in 3D#

=> You are eating Bread and Akara,Yet you are updating: I love Burger, #God is watching u#

ur dad change money in alaba n ur mum sell stockfish.... N u sey ur parents ar into stock exchange. God is watchin u

U r using latest BB PORCHE In sch..while at home ur father is stl trekin in d hot sun..God is watching u...

U r a factory worker and yet u update dat u too blessed to b stressed #God is watchin U#

U dad is a driver and ur mum is a communication kiosk owner,and say u parent are workin in the ministry of Transportation and communication God is watching u guyz

U be cleaner 4 bank yet u tel ur guys say u b acountant bro God is watching

If u dey go cut firewood 4 forest 2 sell 4 market nd u say u dey into forex trading! dnt 4get God is watchin u oooooo!

You Are A Cleaner In A School And You Keep Telling people u're The Principal special advicer...#God is watching you#...

Ur mum is a biology teacher.ur father is mechanic..u say ur parents ar into bio-engineering God is watching u.

U're a barca fans b4, but bcos chelsea beat dem, u say blue 4 life, God is monitoring u.

U be local bricklayer and u dey claim construction company on FB. ¤God's watching you o¤

Ur mum sells stock fish and ur dad is livestock farmer and u say ur parents re stockbrokers....#GodisWatchingYou

U're 34 & still playing for Nigeria under 21......#GodisWatchingYou

• Ur parents fasted for 10yrs b4 having u & named u 'Oluwagbotemi'. Now u changed ur name to 'Barbie, BossLady, Pweety, Sexy........#GodisWatchingYou 

You kno say u don fail jamb, u dey tell dem say server busy!!! God is watchin u!!!

You dey fast because no food 4 house, u con put 4 facebook " one problem I have is over feeding" God is watching u. 

U dey work in factory yet u decieve ur neighbours with ur suit. God is watching

U are riding bicycle and u update, i must nt miss my flight...God is watchin u o 

u drink garri finish come outside with toothpicks dey claim say u eat fried rice n chicken...... GOD IS WATCHING U

. U b gate man 4union bank and u the tell ur baby say i be G.M (genera mernager) 4union bank god is watching u. 

you borrow clothes from your friends and use them to take pictures and upload on face book and say always on point,am so endowed.#God is watching you#

U trek 4rm house 2 wrk and u are holding car keys in ur hand claiming u r a car owner # God is watching u 

You don watch spartacus seaseon 1 to season 3 and you dey claim say you never watch porn,  GOD IS WATCHING YOU
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