Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2012 JAMB Change of Course/ Institution ends on 27th April Which is A possible Effect on Admission Chances

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JAMB Change of Course/Institution is an opportunity given to JAMB candidates (Tertiary Institution Aspirants) to effect their desired changes in their Choice of Institution or Course after the conduct of UTME examinations. There are several reasons why candidates may want to change their choice of Institution or Course. Some of these reasons are:

Mistake in the registration process. Many JAMB candidates make costly mistakes during UTME registration because they lack the right admission orientation as a result of poor information and little or no guidance. They choose the “wrong” courses or institutions. Some candidates realize their mistakes after their UTME examinations and go for JAMB Change of Course/Institution.
Low UTME score. This is a major reason why candidates go for JAMB Change of Course/Institution. Many that score below 200 in UTME and still desire to go for a degree program, change their institutions to those that accept scores below 200. Others who scored above 200 but don’t think their scores are high enough to give them their initial choice of course also go for a change of course to courses considered as “low-profile” courses. They do this to boost their chances of gaining admission.
Deficiency in O’level result.

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