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To All Jambites: The Summary of The Porter's Wheel By Chukwuemeka Ike.

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General information about the literature:

The Potters Wheel, published by Chukwuemeka Ike, told the story of an only son, Obuechina, shortly called as 'Obu'. He was the only Son of Mazi Lazarus (Mazi Laza) and Misus (Mama Obu), after they had five daughters and prayed fervently to have a boy. Obu was born and another girl was birthed after Obu.

Obu, known by his 'large head' while he was four, didn't want to go to school, but the parents, suspecting that
he would be brilliant at Academics, turned no listening hear at him. They had fondly believed that his large was a tanker of brains.

As if they knew it, Obu was making first position in his classes and they made pride with it. Obu, being the only child was mother's favorite and apparently spoilt, because the mother would not want him to undertake any of the domestic chores. Misus always shared all the works among the girls.

Only two weeks before Obu would be Nine, Misus (Mama Obu) raised worries about Obu, as observers and spiritualists had warned that Obu was an Ogbanje boy. Misus quickly contracted Nwomiko, a reputed Ogbanje Saviour woman, to help deliver Obu from the Ogbanje world. Mazi was not wholly part of the decision because of his church catechist. Misus prevailed and Nwomiko was brought in to deliver Obu. According to Nwomiko, Obu had signed to die at his Ninth birthday (only two weeks), but she delivered Obu.

Obu survived. Mazi, desirous of Obu's success, sent him to live with a strict Teacher Zacheus (Zach) and his wife, Madam Deborah - a barren woman, strict alike. The decision was to make sure that Obu grew up responsibly. Obu and Misus objected, but Mazi prevailed.

At Teacher's house in Aka, Obu met an entirely new set of characters and situations. He would not be pampered like his mother did back home at Umuchukwu. He adjusted but didn't find it easy. Several things changed about him, but he maintained his brilliance in his Academics.

Mazi, one year later, sent a visitor, Madu, to check on Obu, but Obu held the advantage to return home with Madu. He never wished to return to Aka. His mother, sisters and friends were happy at this development, but his father advised him to return. Obu protested, but his father gave him a brief anecdote with examples of two persons who were age-mates. One was a success story and the other was an example of an undesirable end. Mazi asked Obu to choose amongst the two. Obu liked the successful man in Mazi's analogy. Mazi told him that the same strict Teacher Zacheus trained the Successful man.

On 4th January, 1944, Obu voluntarily returned to live with Teacher Zacheus at Aka, being desirous of same success story as told him by Mazi, his father.

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