Thursday, December 29, 2011


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1.he will loose his temper at the slightest provocation
2. sharp/uncontrolled temperament in little things
3. threatens to slap or deal with you whenever you provoke him
4. drinks alcohol uncontrollably
5. addicted to tobacco/marijuana smoking
6. vent his anger on his personal properties when offended outside

7. easily fights others on a little provocation either for your sake or his
8. his gentleman-ship is tested when he's under stress and sees you not as a solution to his problem
9. nags at you whenever he's under duress
10. complains at everything you say or do with threats
11. use abusing words at you before his friends/ur friends and others
12. Insults your personality, your family members not left out
13. easily quarrels/fight with you or any other person he encounters....
14. beats you when he suspects you are unfaithful/stubborn or doesn't respect him
15. he seeks for forced loyalty, respect, submission etc
16. doesn't believe in your opinion as a partner
17. lives a BOSSY lifestyle
18. hardly tells you "am sorry" and mean it (some might do it as a formality)
19. frowns at every little mistake you make and doesn't try to correct it with love but shouts at you(he's the boss, you are the servant!)
20. criticizes all you do or your opinions "RUBBISH"
Better shine your eyes now to avoid trash in your marriage

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