Friday, December 23, 2011

Get Thousands of bonus in this MTN bonus Crap in A very Fast way

Now MTN gives 30naira for every 3minutes anybody calls you, thats old news i guess, but do you know you can get a lot of bonus without stress??
1. switch to the bonus crap if you are not already there by texting: BONUS to 131
2. Get a friend that would call you at night i.e midnight call tins
3. Chat and laugh through out the night maybe for 2hours or more depending on your GREED or BONUS you want to Reach!!!.

4. Once the person cut i.e when you guys are through with calling, the bonus wont be added but just wait till after night call like lets say: 5.00am
5. Then tell the number or any other number to call you this time, even if it is for: 0.05secs
6. The stupid Mtn counter will now add every thing including the minutes you recieved at night and pay you big tym
7. if you get paid check my profile collect my number, call me and shout: it worked!!!! I have 4369bonus on my mobile
8. Hit the facebook lyk button below joor or use the share function above


  1. Wow, am already enjoying it but i neva knew how to make it dis big. tnx

  2. you are always welcome... always visit this site for more free stuffs

  3. Hushhhhhh, gotta give it a trial!