Sunday, December 25, 2011

Bomb Blast at Catholic Church in Niger State on a Christmas Day

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Two bombs exploded during christmas church service at a Catholic church today in Madalla, Suleja, Niger state. Several church goers have died and many are severely injured.
Christmas day worshippers at St. Theresa's Catholic Church, Madalla near Abuja in Niger State were caught up in a blast that has killed several people.
Citizen reporters for Saharareporters have counted 20 bodies so far and 10 vehicles destroyed entirely in the attacks, one of the vehicles was carrying a family leaving the church after church service, the entire family died in the car.

Eyewitnesses said a massive bomb was driven by a suicide bomber in a BMW car and a second car rigged with explosives was parked at the premises of the church. Both exploded minutes apart. The first explosion happened around 8: 30 AM as church members left the church premises after the christmas day mass.
Soldiers, police and road safety officials have taken over the premises of the church but angry youths in the area have prevented them from taking away dead bodies.
Emergency services could not reach many injured person as there was chronic shortage of ambualnces and medical supplies.The pictures of the incidence are below

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