Sunday, December 25, 2011

10 Free Websites to Watch Live TV on Your PC or Laptop

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You can watch online TV for free, there is no need to pay a single penny for watching TV Channels. There are allot of websites available which provide you free platforms to watch around 1000 to 5000 TV Channels. The only thing you need is a fast connection. If you have fast internet, then you can easily turn you PC or Laptop into home theater and watch all live shows etc without paying any penny.

List of Websites to Watch Free TV Channels
1. TV Channels Free (Watch Free 4500 TV Channels)
2. Free TV Online (Watch around 3000 Free TV Channels)
3. Bee Line TV (Watch 382 Free Channels)
4. Free TV Video Online (Watch 500 Channels)
5. Crafty TV (Watch 1000 Channels)
6. TV Video (Great website for watching free Channels)
7. The TV Bay ( is also a free way to watch tv on your PC)
8. Watch Free TV Online (Watch online free tv on your Laptop)
9. JumpTV (Watch all latest and live shows)
10. Watch Free TV (Free TV on your Laptop and PC)
Still there are allot of websites available, where you can watch free tv online on internet. But these are the most popular and large among all other websites. Internet is now a huge platform which made every thing easy for you. Every thing is now available just on your PC. If you have another website which provide such free service then don’t forget to share with us.

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