Thursday, November 10, 2011


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With 2go on your mobile, you can chat with all your friends anywhere, anytime. It can also connect to other chat networks including Facebook and MXit.
2go free mobile messenger is a revolutionary mobile messenger that is giving facebook a run for its money and taking the cyberspace by storm. You can chat with friends on 2go and also use various chat rooms.

Recently, the 2go Team activated the long awaited facebook chat on 2go and it has been awesome. It is good news as many mobile internet users who use mobile applications like ebuddy, nimbuzz, facebook chat and palringo will now heave a sigh of relief as they no more have to switch between 2go and other chat apps. clickheretodownload2go

You can achieve this by following these simple steps;
• Get your facebook username by visiting
• Log in to your 2go messenger on your phone.
• Go to Settings
• Select Gateways
• Select Facebook Gateway
• Select Activate
• Type in your username gotten in the first step. e.g mine is My actual username is chimexvinlex
• Type in your password
• Then submit.
You are now good 2go. All your facebook contacts will be imported to 2go and you will now start chatting with both your 2go and facebook friends.

NOTE: Hide either your 2go or facebook friends for easier navigation.

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