Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Make Free Calls worldwide to any network : EvaPhone

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I just stumbled on a website I believe you will love. On the site, you can make free calls to any country without installing any special software on your computer. Internet connection, microphones and headphones are enough. To make the free calls you don't even have to do the registration. All you have to do is enter a telephone number and watch a short commercial before the connection. Nevertheless, there are some strings attached..

So what are the conditions?

To make a free call through the EVAPHONE system after dialing the number and pressing the call button you have to watch a short promo video. The duration and number of calls is limited in time and per IP-address. No registration is needed for a free call

What if I want continuous conversations?

If you prefer continuous conversations and don't like watching commercials Evaphone offers you to make paid calls to mobiles and land lines anywhere in the world with very low prices. More detailed information on prices can be found on the site. To make paid calls you need to do a quick and simple registration. Using Evephone services you will never spend more than planned with the per minute real time tarification. During the conversation you can always monitor your account balance.

So, How do I make the free calls?

Using Evaphone is easy. Open the home page of the website:  www.evaphone.ru and enter a telephone number. Then press the CALL button.

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  1. do u mean i can call any network right now