Friday, June 17, 2011


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INTRO: Hey to All Nokia Express Music Phone user, The Way Nokia are Creating or Making the new Express Music Phone and some other phone, You can never ever Browse free on it...I think our Network provider are paying them to do this.....
1. It has no Homepage and we all know that most Cheat make use of Homepage to Surf.
2. You can not enter Website address on your Phone e.g to browse free.
3. It has no complete Web Service, instead it was replace with Opera that cannot make use of Cheat.
1. Open your MUSIC Player
2. Then press Option, You will see Download
3. Click on the Download and it will ask you to enter Address
4. Delete the
rtsp:// and replace it with http://
5. Then enter any website you fill like going to e.g
NOTE: If you are making use of Homepage cheat after Configuring the Setting with the Ip & port, Activate as Default and follow the Above steps then enter the Homepage of your will browse free....e.g
You Can also Browse Free with Opera Mini, Just Configure it like a normal S40 by Making use of PROV file.

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